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The Oregon Retrievers Pledge
Our goal is to produce the type of retriever that will satisfy the most discriminating sportsman, have the quality to win field trials, be pleasing to the eye, and will excel in early development and ease with which they train. 

Strict standards were established, regarding both the psychological and physical attributes in our retrievers. To produce the consistent, eager retriever we strive for, we evaluate all of our breeding animals according to a strict standard. In order to develop into a top quality working retriever, the animal must have certain inherent qualities. They must have the natural desire to hunt and find game, the love of retrieving, and the determination to pursue game under the most adverse conditions, land and water. They must have native intelligence, affectionate disposition, early mental maturity, and have a definite desire of vision, smell and hearing, and the intelligence to know how to use them to their fullest advantage. 

It is important to note that the above qualities for selecting individuals for breeding purposes are all of inherent nature, and not environmental or man made. Any dog used in our breeding program must come up to our standard. In this way we can assure you of the best possible material to work with in the coming years. Regardless of how accomplished the trainer is, he must have championship material before he can develop a champion, whether it be in competition or in the hunting field! 

We compete with our retrievers successfully in field trials, run hunt tests, and most importantly, we hunt with our dogs, on waterfowl and upland game, pheasant, quail, grouse and partridge. We produce the type of natural dog we enjoy working with and hunting behind. Your retriever will be a long term investment. The pride and satisfaction of owning a really fine retriever cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Remember, the more good inherent qualities you have to start with in a pup will make for an easier, more willing pupil, and an outstanding finished product. 

Our pups are carefully socialized and handled by children as well. They are started on a veterinarian supervised health care program, and are already introduced to birds before they leave the kennel. If they are not birdy and eager, they donít go! We are always here to answer questions, and give sound advice on bringing up your pup. 

Tom & Sue Ross
Oregon Retrievers

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