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Hi Sue

I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of Dash and Queenie's pups a year or so later. Tosca and ZuZu are doing very well. They're wonderful dogs who get compliments everywhere they go - really. Even our Vet wanted to know who their breeder was as she was so impressed with their health at their recent annual check-up.

They're definitely Queenie's girls: Tosca (yellow) weighs in at 76 lbs and ZuZu is at 73 lbs. They are not at all fat, just very muscular. In fact ZuZu looks so small that people are hard pressed to believe she is 73 lbs. She is just all muscle! I bet the males of their litter are huge!

We don't hunt with them but they are both great retrievers. Recently in Seattle's Lake Washington they were retrieving multiple tennis balls that other dogs wouldn't retrieve :-)

Anyway I've attached two pictures: one when they were about 8 months and another from a few weeks ago. Hope all is well with your family and all the dogs.

Proud owner of Oregon Retriever dogs!
Vicki Schroeder

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