Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppiesHere is a picture of Itch for this past duck season. She is an outstanding hunter and has probably picked up over 150 ducks this year. I would guess she has picked up over 1000 ducks in the 8 years we have been hunting together. It is not uncommon for three of us to hunt together and Itch will retrieve every duck. She picks up the last one with the same enthusiasm as she did the first one.


I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of Dash and Queenie’s pups a year or so later. Tosca and ZuZu are doing very well. They’re wonderful dogs who get compliments everywhere they go – really. Even our Vet wanted to know who their breeder was as she was so impressed with their health at their recent annual check-up.

They’re definitely Queenie’s girls: Tosca (yellow) weighs in at 76 lbs and ZuZu is at 73 lbs. They are not at all fat, just very muscular. In fact ZuZu looks so small that people are hard pressed to believe she is 73 lbs. She is just all muscle! I bet the males of their litter are huge!

We don’t hunt with them but they are both great retrievers. Recently in Seattle’s Lake Washington they were retrieving multiple tennis balls that other dogs wouldn’t retrieve 🙂

Anyway I’ve attached two pictures: one when they were about 8 months and another from a few weeks ago. Hope all is well with your family and all the dogs.

Proud owner of Oregon Retriever dogs!
Vicki Schroeder

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppiesOregon Retrievers dogs and puppies

Tosca and ZuZu

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppiesHere is Audie Murphy II. He is from Cookie and Rookie from July 2001. This very athletic boy weighs in at 110 Lbs. plus. He is rock solid, very smart and a great pet. You can not really see his size here, and I did not know Labs got this big.

Ted Fletscher

Audie Murphy II

Here is the one picture of Belle (and me)…..enjoy.  We love her.  Carroll

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies


Here is our other pooch: “Grizzly Island’s Bear-a-Cuda”. Cuda is a full brother to Rip Jr., just from a separate litter born 04-04-02. He is weighing in these days at around 86 Lbs. We got kind of a late start on Cuda because of the birth of our beautiful first child Trinity. But will be running him this year to achieve his JH title. He also has all the qualities of his brother and is an excellent field dog and companion.

I forgot to mention that both these boys get along like I have never seen. they are like best friends. They both spend all of their time in the house when not a field. They just love following Trinity around waiting for that dropped crumb.

Thanks again, Sue, for the two wonderful Brown Labs. P.S. Picture Rip on left Cuda on right

Brian Yerman

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies


Here are a few photos of  “Rip-N-Trieve Lucky Thunder JH”. he is out of Mergansers Classic Rip-n-tear MH x Trieven Snickers born 09-21-01. Thanks to your excellent breeding program Rip Jr. is the best dog I have ever had. He accomplished his junior hunter title at 1 year and has retrieved over 60 ducks and flushed and retrieved over 80 pheasants. We will hopefully be running him in Seniors this year.

I did all the training myself, which was fun and rewarding, but without his great disposition and intelligence I could have never done it. I get compliments every day on him, and people always ask “how did you get such a well mannered chocolate”. And when I tell them his age they about hit the floor. He is a quiet dog which is great, because most dogs I run across whine in their kennels and out in the duck blind. Rip is about 75 Lbs. and can hunt all day, even in the hot California summers. Thanks for such a wonderful companion.

Brian Yerman

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies

Rip Jr

This is what Leo typically looks like at the end of each day. He’s spoiled rotten and happy as a clam. Also, still really mellow and being a very good boy.

Cheryl Oakley

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies


I just wanted to take the time to write and tell you both how great our dog “Porter Key” (5-10-05 Lucky/Tucker litter) is doing. He is such a wonderful “teenager.”

We’ve been doing obedience training with him since 2-½ months and he’s lovin’ life! We hope to get him into “disc diving” or “flyball in the near future.

Our daughter moved to Portland, so I told him on the way up, we’d point out where he used to live. We’re coming up this Thursday and will be driving by.

I see on the website he has a new litter of brothers and sisters that just went home.

Thank you so much again, I will try to send pictures next time – he’s VERY handsome, but then you probably knew that!

Charlotte and Gerry Key

Porter Key

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppiesBoy it has been approximately 8 years since I last communicated with you via email. If you remember, Witmer Tyson purchased Willie from you and Willie, since known as Billy became a Arson Detection, Deputy Sheriff with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Arson-Explosives Detail. Billy has been a Great Dog. He has worked over 1000 fires in his eight year career with the Department. Billy turns 11 this September. He has such a great nose, instinct and dedication to work. Billy became a play reward dog and has solved several complicated criminal cases. He has also been able to eliminate arson as the cause for a fire in many instances. Billy is brave, loyal and dedicated. This last year was the last year we worked together. Both Billy and I are retiring and he has taken to being semi reitred quite well. He enjoys simply hanging out and sleeping and yes he still has that desire to chase anything that flies or is tossed. I thought I would include some pictures of BIlly aka WIllie for your enjoyment.
The last picture is after finishing up a day car search certification.

Thank you

Silvia Faris
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppies


Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppiesJust a note to tell you how pleased we are with “Tory” (Rogue River Rise to Victory) born 12/25/01 out of Riser and Breeze. At 64 lbs she is not that big, but her passion for hunting (especially pheasants) is unbelievable. She is like a machine while in the field, with the heart and nose of a champion. My hunting buddy calls her “the typewriter” by the way she methodically and tirelessly works the field while pheasant hunting. She never quits. I have trained her to handle with hand signals, and I just couldn’t be more proud of her. As passionate as she is in the field, she is a sweet, lovable house dog, spending a lot of time inside as a member of the family. She loves people and she can hardly contain herself, wiggling her entire body (and her tail, of course) at the opportunity to interact with someone. As you can she by the picture attached, she is a real beauty.

I hope all is well with you and I wish you the best for the upcoming New Year.

Daniel E. Phelps, CPA


Hope all are doing fine. Just need to tell you that next to the birth of our four children, Tuck’s the best thing that has happen to us in a long, long time. We have had Labs for 30 years and both, Shiloh and Sheena were great dogs however Bob says Tuck’s number one. Not good, not just great but the best. If only we were great trainers to help him reach his fullest potential, this one is a winner with speed and drive to retrieve. Obedience with an insatiable desire to please. Thanks again.

Blessings to you all,
Deb & Bob Rodgers


Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppiesWe made a life altering purchase of a Yellow Lab from Oregon Retrievers in June of 2003. Our dog Truckee is a volunteer Search and Rescue member with Southwest Search Dogs and San Diego Mountain Rescue Team and has become a tremendous asset for all of Southern California. He is a certified wilderness Search and Rescue dog through numerous organizations to include NASAR and California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA). His solid working dog blood lines are very evident by his play drive and associated work ethic thereby easily outperforming other dogs.

He has worked over a dozen missions and is one of only a couple dogs in Southern California that is able to conduct sustained operations at high altitude in the Southern part of our State. When not working Truckee is around the house interacting with our 18-month old daughter Hailey. He is a gentle, true friend, play mate and protector to her. His gentle nature is more than anyone could have asked for.

Eric Benson


Oregon Retrievers dogs and puppiesClancy is an amazing dog. Whether he’s in the freezing marsh waiting for the birds to fly in, or cuddling on the couch, he is one passionate Labrador. There is nothing Clancy would rather do than retrieve ducks. He shakes with anticipation from head to toe in the holding blind – at a test, a training day, or in the marsh. It doesn’t matter. As long as there is retrieving to do, that’s all he can think of. He’s an athlete – handsome, lean and built like a running back. But when the day is done and the ducks are plucked, he is the most wonderful companion there is. He has a wonderful disposition and loves to lie around or romp around with our German Shepherd.